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Michele Bachman has 28 kids (and only one L in her name)

I’ve been consumed with work and other matters but I suspect one of the major networks must have raised this issue…


My eBook’s New Cover

Now actually featuring the title and my name, wa-hooo.  I really rushed getting that sucker posted.

Got Junk?

Blogger and Commenter Intelligence

In a fit of annoyance I previously made a graph (and drank an iced coffee) showing the level of arrogance on extremely intelligent blogs–see below.  I never posted it because it is more like some of the smartest bloggers and I was just annoyed at the moment.

Modeled Behavior, who I generally agree with, makes a point which I think actually holds a lot more true than my knee jerk reaction.  The comment sections on blogs tend to go the other way.  The more arrogant a commenter, generally the less he or she understands the issue.

The strong inverse correlation between commenter cockiness and both grasp of the issue and reading comprehension is irritating.

Is Fred Wilpon Smarter Than We All Think?

Probably not.  Okay, definitely not.  But this quote from the Daily News did get me thinking about personal incentives and some behavioral thinking.

Daily News article

Wilpon didn’t get off as easy. Gee, what a shock that he was getting pounded Monday inside the Valley of the Stupid. It went something like this: What good comes out of his comments about Reyes, David Wright (“not a superstar”) and Carlos Beltran (“he’s 65 to 70% of what he was”)? Or just when the focus returned to the field, Wilpon takes it off with his opinions.

What is the Hail Mary that could save the Mets and the Wilpons? Money and a World Championship.  How do you motivate your key players?  You tell them they are playing for their future contracts and their pride.  Which is what he basically did, in a very, very asinine way. It kind of reminds me of a movie I saw once…

Anyone know if this place still exists?

Perhaps I should have been making a different gesture…

They get you with the fees…

This seems to be a questionable business practice…also, where’s my sharpie?

Unsettling Medical Statistics of the Day

Imagine if 95% of people didn’t know they had…

Via Philly.com

Celiac is an autoimmune disease that afflicts about one in every 133 Americans. But an estimated 95 percent of people who have the disease are either undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.

The disease is activated by the protein gluten, which is found in foods containing wheat, rye or barley, and its symptoms are wide-ranging – fatigue, bloating and gas, canker sores and joint pain. Because symptoms can vary from patient to patient, diagnosis can be difficult.

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