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Free Wifi but No Free Haircut

Just wanted to get this out there before it flew from my head…

I was waiting to get a haircut at this new place, Great Clips, that is down the street from my house, $14 is pretty average for a decent haircut, right?

Anyway, a few things struck me:

1. When taking my name, the girl at the counter asked for my full name, address, age, and cell phone.  To paraphrase Mitch Hedberg, ‘why are you complicating this transaction?  You cut my hair in exchange for dollars, why must we bring cell phones and birthdays into this?’  I really can’t imagine that next October 28th the gang at Great Clips will be like ‘Holy shit! Someone bring the car around, we got to get over to Rolling Meadows Court, Tom Acox just turned 27 and he has not gotten his hair cut, let’s move!”

2. My iPhone picked up free unprotected Wifi courtesy of Great Clips. The funny part is that the hair cuttery is next to a Starbucks which teams with T-Mobile, charging something like $9 an hour for wifi access.

3. If you save your receipt from Great Clips you get $2 off your next haircut, not a free haircut, but a cheaper one at least…


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