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What I’m Listening To 11/02/09

1. Death Magnetic – Metallica

I got this back when it came out after hearing parts of it on the radio while driving to Ithaca, New York.  It sounded awesome blasting on my rental PT Cruiser’s speakers. When I downloaded it to my iPod and listened to it on my earbuds, it was okay, but not quite as good as the car or on my home speakers.  Last week I got these super serious headphones for my birthday and all I have to say after listening is YEEEEEEEEAH.  It made me forget for a second how annoying Lars is.


2. Monsters of Folk Monsters of Folk

If you know about this album, you probably have an opinion on it.  If you don’t, it is a smathering of critical and indie fave players.  Whether it is your cup of tea or not is not my business.  I have two points. Point 1: This is not a super group, it’s an interesting (if not successful) combination of a few talented dudes from bands that not everyone knows/likes.  A supergroup (again whether you like them or not) is something more like Them Crooked Vultures. Point 2: I didn’t love this album at first but it has grown on me, and like above largely due to awesome headphones and loud speakers.  What this needs: more Jim James up front and more Conor Oberst behind the scenes.


3.Wrecking Ball – Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

There are two reasons to download this: 1. You like Bruce Springsteen already (der).  2. You like the New York Football Giants.  If you are a Giants fan and not ready to storm the field on Sunday after listening to this, you didn’t play it loud enough.


What I’m NOT Listening To:

1. Black Gives Way to Blue – Alice In Chains

All of the stuff that annoyed me when Alice was first out and none of the Layne.  Oh and everyone left looks ridiculous or wrinkled.  Jerry, grunge can age gracefully, see Pearl Jam.

2. Whatever-The-Hell-That-New-Julian-Casablancas-Project-Is-Called

MAYBE it just sounded so terrible because of the sound issues that have plagued the first year of the new Tonight Show with Conan.  Maybe.  Maybe it is just crap.  Honestly, I preferred the music Julian made with The Lonely Island to this on sheer listen-ability alone.  And how ridiculous he and his uber pretentios band looked playing with non-rockin’ song just made me like the little bit of rhythm it had that much less. AND that is saying something because I usually like Casablancas no matter HOW pretentious he is!


3 Responses

  1. bruce springsteen was on the cover of aarp magazine.

  2. Bruce Springsteen doesn’t play hard enough to pump up football fans before kickoff

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