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Isn’t Sam Adams a DOMESTIC Beer?

First, I love Sam Adams.  It is probably my beer of choice after Guinness.  However, it really annoys me how Sam and all the other decent beers that are produced in America get lumped with their import cousins from Europe etc.

Don’t we pay a little more for a Carlsberg or Harp because it is an import and thus more expensive [theoretically] to the American consumer?  I know there are all sort of issues I am totally skipping in this issue, but Sam is a patriotic and innovative company and it just annoys me it is often listed as an import…so I decided to email the folks at the Boston Brewing Company, and ask them just this.  This is the response I got:

Dear Thomas,
Many times older restaurants will list Better Beers as imported because that is the only hiogher priced catagory that they know. I once worked in a  restaurant that did it because of how the computer system was set up in the restaurant. We are working hard on educating drinkers about why our beer is great and made in America!

Thank you for your email and you interest in the great beers here at the Boston Beer Company.


Todd B
Consumer Relations Representative
The Boston Beer Company


Spelling errors aside, aren’t the restaurants charging more for Sam because Sam is charging them more?  Oh well, I still love me some Boston Lager…


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