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What I’m Using 11/07/09

Thing of Beauty

Sam Adams has been making this pint glass for a couple of years now.  It is hands down the best beer glass I’ve ever drank from.

I drank from a similarly styled glass in 2000 in Europe that was made by Carlsberg.  It was more or less the same shape, it was a 20 oz glass, and it was a bit heavier.  Great glass but not quite as good as this Boston Beer Company beauty.

Read the features above — sounds like bullshit — but it’s not!  My beer of choice is Guinness and the best pint I’ve had in the states was poured in a Sam pint glass.  

My friend Mike, after imbibing several pints from the glass, became entranced by the constant flow of the bubbles from the bottom of the glass.  We actually compared two light beers (I think they were Coors) poured side by side in a Sam glass and a standard pint glass.  Sure enough, the Sam glass had way more bubbles, and the flow lasted longer.

One of the most enjoyable nights I’ve had in recent memory was spent with my dad watching DVDs and quietly drinking Rolling Rocks (my Dad’s guilty pleasure — I don’t get it either) from the Sam glasses.


2 Responses

  1. First the glass was awesome. Secondly its further proof your dad is awesome by drinking Rolling Rock my all time favorite beer

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