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Inconvenience Charge


TicketMaster agreed that they would no longer legally scalp their own tickets by ending their shady practice of directing fans to their sister site TicketsNow, where tickets to so-called “sold out” shows are available for inflated prices.

Sold out is in quotes because everyone from Rolling Stone to the Wall Street Journal has reported that not only was TicketMaster redirecting customers to their scalpin’ site, but in anOPEC-ian move they were letting supply (or lack thereof) drive demand by keeping the best seats for themselves and selling them for said inflated prices on TicketsNow, even Neil Diamond seemed to have dirty hands on this one.

Then I bought tickets to the 2nd leg of Bruce Springsteen‘s tour. Even though Bruce has led the fight against the shady ticket practices, I knew there would still be all the usual extra fees attached. I’ve paid the convenience fees for years, never really knowing what they were.  I decided I’d like to know.  So, I emailed TicketMaster in attempt to find out what exactly is so convenient about watching my browser refresh for 45 minutes with false wait times (“15 minutes…12 minutes…4 minutes…15 minutes”)…no answer yet…


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