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Native Americans or Slum Dog Millionaire?

From the NYT:

“Indian people have given up a lot,” said Dr. Yvette Roubideaux, director of the Indian Health Service. “They really feel like they have, in a sense, prepaid for this health care with loss of land, natural resources, loss of culture.”

Does that refer to Indians of India or Native Americans of, err America?  Answer in a strange article after the jump:So is it just that it starts to take too long to write Native American over and over or is American Indian or the lesser specific Indian becoming the accepted nomenclature, dude?

And this is by far the most disturbing and unfortunate passage in the story:

Richard White, 61, acknowledged taking his medicine sporadically and drinking, aggravating his diabetes. He went blind, lost a toe and, during a Navajo medicine-man ceremony that he hoped would restore his vision, burned his other foot, which was then amputated.


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