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What I’m Listening To 12.7.09

1. I just saw Company of Thieves last night at the Hammerstein Ballroom and they were surprisingly good.  I don’t normally tend to like female lead singers (there are several exceptions, I’ll write on this later).  They have a few pretty creative music videos that you can actually watch.  They succeed in engaging you without relying on gimmicks like the OK Go guys (not that there isn’t a place for them too!).  Their studio songs really don’t match the intensity of their live show — kind of the opposite of Deer Tick.

2. The Beach Boys’ Greatest Hits — I was riding on the subway and “I Get Around” came on my iPod and I thought how perfect that song would be for some gory  Quentin Tarrantino scene or Bret Easton Ellis novel turned film in which a loony amount of violence takes place.  I might be sick.

3. Them Crooked Vultures.  The album ruh-ruh-ruh-rocks.  The song “Elephants” sounds like someone took Led Zeppelin and Living Colour wrapped them in a tin foil sheet of drum and guitar solos and microwaved while Dave Grohl and Josh Homme banged their heads against the glass for six minutes and fifty second — and I mean that in the best way humanly possible.  It took all my might to keep from jumping into people on the subway the first time that came on my headphones.

4. “Lambada” (see the guest post from the talented Dora Figueiredo here).

What I’m Not Listening To:

1. Pete Yorn.  He took forever to go on and made me miss David Gray due to scheduling issues!  He also gave a bleh rendition of a Bruce song I won’t even mention because Yorn was basically just paying it lip service.

2. Passion Pit…but everyone else seems to be, so whatever.


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