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If you link a link that links to this link, does this effect the space-time continuum?

ninedaves recently linked to a bunch of posts I’d made this week.  I tried to comment on his inquiries but for some reason wordpress won’t accept my comment.  Anyway, here’s what I said:

Dear ninedaves,

Thanks for the endorsement. I guess I should have a mission statement page that would go something like this:

this blog is not blatantly about economics but having the world view that I do, I see economics everywhere, and the posts are my interpretations of current events through that lens. With regards to the less than economically evident Tiger Woods video, that guy is an economy! He is the first athlete to earn over a billion dollars in a lifetime and this scandal could increasingly cut into that – Gatorade’s already dropped one spot.

On Jane Austen, I didn’t editorialize much but again the late Austen has fast become a franchise, with movies, books, comics [and TV SERIES, thanks!] flourishing in ailing economy! Oh, pretty much anything that has to do with politics will be fair game and interlinked in economic policy. Thanks!


PS I have a soft spot for Urkel, though DINOSAURS was my favorite TGIF show.


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