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Ponyboy Wasn’t Outsider, He Was an Offliner

In 2010 John McCain uses twitter, Bill Cosby’s interactive website looks like Steve Jobs built it, and more people are on Facebook than people voted in 2008

BUT there are also still a lot of people who choose not to join online social networks for professional reasons.  Others haven’t joined out of indifference, to be different, or they’re just silly.  But what’s really “cool” these days are the reformed online social networkers who have chosen to move to life as offliners.  Some can be dismissed as [un]digital hipsters, others claim their previous electronic footprints were a mistake and some have been described as being such social animals in the real world that they can’t handle the emotional and  sheer amount of social digital data that they’re also expected to manage.

Most importantly:

Do these people pay GoDaddy by phone? [http://www.offliners.com/]

From Urban Dictionary:

Offliner: One who has yet to embrace the use of Instant Messaging, microblogging, commenting, etc. as a means of communications and “social” relationship building.


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  1. […] NYT: Tell-All Generation Learns to Keep Things Offline.  Hey NYT, we already told you about that trend, you could at least credit us! […]

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