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Poponomics 101

In an effort to merge this blog and ninedaves.com into one ambigous mass I offer you this:

THE Federal Reserve Board may want to scrutinize another statistic to gauge the health of the economy: demand for ads during Super Bowls. As Super Bowl XLIV nears on Feb. 7,CBS is already “very close to a sellout,” a spokesman for the network, Dana McClintock, said on Tuesday. He declined to specify how much of the estimated 30 to 35 minutes of paid commercial time in the game was still available.  By contrast, at this point in 2009, when NBC was selling spots to be shown during the broadcast of Super Bowl XLIII on Feb. 1, considerably more time remained unsold.

Woohoo, the Super Bowl says the recession is over!   I’m not sure what this signals other than the fact marketers realized that no matter the economic times the Super Bowl is the most watched TV event on earth.

Fun fact: I was inspired to purchase the domain www.theunqualifiedeconomist.com after seeing last year’s GoDaddy commercial.

While we’re on television, Maureen Dowd decided to let Democrats and Republicans off the hook for the day and instead unloaded (rightfully so), on NBC mastermind assassin Jeff Zucker:

The 44-year-old is a very smart guy who made a success as a wunderkind at “The Today Show,” but many in the Hollywood community have always regarded him as a condescending and arrogant East Coaster, a network Napoleon who never bothered to learn about developing shows and managing talent. At a moment when Zucker’s comedy double-fault was smashing relationships in L.A., he showed the talent of a Mafia boss for separating himself from the hit when he went and played in a New York City tennis tournament. (He lost in the first round.)…Another [writer] called the Leno experiment the worst mistake made by anyone in television since an ABC Entertainment executive told the Chicago affiliate chief that the network didn’t want to own and broadcast the new daytime talk show hosted by a young black woman. Her name: Oprah Winfrey.

Ouch.  I explain the Leno debacle to Zucker here.

[un]Shockingly the Keep Conan Facebook group continues to grow at a slow humble pace.

Addendum: A quick search reveals about 6 Team Leno groups, the 2 of with the most members being about 200 members each.  Being the coolest kid in that group is kind of like being the tallest member of Simon and Garfunkel…you’re still Art Garfunkel.


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