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4 Reasons I read the Detroit Free Press…

1. Police warn of Washtenaw County flasher after victims reported a man exposing himself. The  suspect is described as a medium to heavy white man between 40 and 50 years old driving a dark-colored mini van. So, you’re telling me the Detroit police can’t catch a fat old white man that drives a white mini van?

2.Authorities in Oakland County confirmed a 62-year-old Independence Township man constructed a backpack from a motorcycle muffler filled with gasoline and gunpowder and put on a motorcycle helmet before sledding down his back yard hill with the fuse lit.  Here’s why I love Detroit:

“Apparently, he has this sledding party every year, and he always does outrageous things at it, but he’s never blown himself up before.”

I’m glad they confirmed that he has never blown himself up in the past.

3. A 32-year-old Orion Township woman was arraigned for allegedly performing fellatio on a 13-year-old boy…The woman was turned in by her husband.  Ouch and yikes on so many levels.  Her mugshot scares the crap out of me.

4. It is a little odd in a recession to employ a blogger in Detroit who is commenting on national topics like a potential Google Tablet vs. the iPad, no?


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