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The Economics of Winter Weather

In lieu of all the snow being dumped on the east coast this week, here is an interesting take on the economics of supermarkets in snowstorms and “mass goods” vs. “niche goods”.  All very interesting observations, though they don’t touch on the theme depicted in this graphic:


13 Responses

  1. screw bread and milk, every time there’s a snowstorm i stock up on rum, gin and beer. even if it doesn’t snow, i’ll still have my necessities.

  2. Your graph presents some very interesting and scientifically proven data. Seeing as I live in the “these people should hit the liquor store” – area, I’m thankfully to be in walking distance of one (and also a full liquor cabinet).

    • You don’t see enough liquor cabinets these days, people tend to just throw it in the freezer. Cabinets are so retro!

  3. I’m pretty sure I am in the screwed bubble, but im going to pretend im in the hit the liquor store zone.

  4. I really am interested in whether or not this theory applies to Trader Joe’s, Brooklyn–a magical and unique supermarket. I’ll let you know tomorrow when I stop there on my way home from work which is not going to be cancelled because it is just snow and adults NEVER get snow days (I hope I am proven wrong here).

  5. I took your chart to heart bought some liquor and stayed home…now I’m watching Bridget Jones…Thanks for the clarity 🙂

    • I can’t say I approve or disapprove of the Bridget Jones…but the liquor sounds good. 🙂

  6. Does anyone have any booze left?? I’m running low…and I’m in Cali!

  7. […] 7. The Economics of Winter Weather […]

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