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Band of horses

I previously wrote about The Bureau of Land Management’s attempted removal of 2,500 wild horses from outside Reno here.

Here is a  topical, thoughtful and detailed account of this ridiculous proposal by Feather Touch Ranch’s Carley.

Don’t worry Nevada, in the midst of the most serious economic downturn since the great depression your state is fighting wild horses with helicopters!

According to the Bureau of Land Management, it is humane and no animals were harmed but to paraphrase one of the authorities on this topic, LisaInTX:  Running those horses and foals over rocks at break neck speed…Non were harmed? Yeah, right.

Thanks to SamHenry for sorting through all of this.


Cowboy Crime (at Stanford) points out that:

cowboys traditionally constituted a significant percentage of Montana State Prison’s population.   However,  records show that no cowboys entered the prison in the 1870s, when the cattle industry expanded and prospered. But one to four cowboys reported to prison each year during the following decade, and even more men did so in the years after that.

Seems like putting a bunch of underemployed (and likely more at risk of incarceration) Nevadians to work rounding up these horses would be more humane and make more economic sense than employing one or two guys to pilot these large helicopters at $1000 an hour (not counting fuel/wages).


5 Responses

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  2. Really, helicopters? IT would be more humane to just walk up and shoot them then to chase them off cliffs! And probably more effiicient…though that video would be messed up

  3. hmmm i linked over from another site (music) — this headline was a biiiit misleading…

  4. […] the video here. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Senate Directs BLM to Get New Game Plan for Wild […]

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