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$1 Million and a deadly stampede later

Back in December I wrote about the Bureau of Land Management’s plan to round up wild horses using helicopters here.  I put up a goofy image and figured this was going to be one of those stupid proposals that gets the ax when it hit the NYT.  The story hit and yet the plan marched on.  SamHenry and others have continued to inform the the public, even posting videos of one of the roundups.

Today, Las Vegas Channel 8 Chief Investigative Reporter George Knapp and Photojournalist Matt Adams deliver a report headlined:

A massive roundup of wild horses in Northern Nevada turned out to be one of the deadliest in the history of the wild horse program

Not only is it one of the deadliest, but check out the costs from this excerpt:

American taxpayers shelled out close to $1 million to capture 1,900 horses on the Calico range, even though a federal judge told BLM it was a bad idea…Millions more will be spent in roundups planned all year long by the BLM.

Read the whole thing here.

Watch the video here.


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