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Round Table Review: Emory St.

We last caught Emory St., during an open mic night at 169 Bar, creating musical chaos (the $1 PBRs and shots of $2 shots Jack of Jack probably didn’t hurt).  Socially, the night was a huge disaster: first, the attempt to determine how many M&Ms  fit in a beer bottle failed and then after the forermentioned PBR and Jack, the mission to buy a pound of raw fish in Chinatown for DIY sushi ended fishless. Musically, however, the night was a rousing success — does bad music inspire wholesale purchase of raw fish?  I think not.

Since then Emory St. has played gigs on the Jersey shore (shore is lowercase) and, apparently, Gavin Degraw’s bar in New York City.

The following is the round table review treatment we gave to the Emory St. EP:

This is the type of guy that I would love to listen to in a pub when I am drinking Guinness. If  you’re into Mastodon or say punching random strangers on the street, this might not be for you. Kind of like Ari Hest without a band…though I wish he sounded like he was having as much fun as the last time we saw him! Maybe he is holding back, in which case I’m looking forward to the show.

Read the full review below the fold.

1) This Here Guitar–The consensus was the the song is a bit monotonous — but in good way, like a lullaby. “The vocals might be a bit loud but its a very sweet song–the lyrics are sentimental without being overly mushy. This song sounds like it should
go with Matthew Pryor’s from the Get Up Kids.  He’s singing his heart out — but maybe not his lungs.  I think I’d love to see how he handles this live!” Half the table dug the “la di da” and half the room was over it.  When it doubt, always hum along!

2) IOU–“The vocals sound similar to the first song.  I like it!”   True enough. “I want him to sing faster!” “Again I’d love to see the live treatment, it could make or break this song.”

3) Could You Teach Me–“The music and lyrics match, there is balance!  Its soft and delicate I like it.”

4) You Say– The lyrics are good.  Maybe, the best of the 4 songs. “I  still want to check out the vocals live–though this is the strongest they are on the EP– and the words and the melody are really good.” Fair enough, “see now, I like the vocals and melody but the lyrics here I like on a happy day and on bad day makes me think.”  “It might not be blowing me out of the water at this moment but I would definitely listen to it again if it came on the radio, and it should be on the radio.”

Listen/buy the Emory St. EP here.

Catch Emory St. February 26th at the Canal Room opening for Jerzy Jung (www.myspace.com/jerzyjung) and The
Running Year (www.myspace.com/holtz)

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2 Responses

  1. Does this guy ever get happy? He’s clearly not a tortured emo nerd but he’s pretty damn serious. He should loosen up imho…

  2. I agree. I do like the firrst song though…his dad’s name is Charlie Brown? hehehe

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