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David Plouffe is back

Much had been made of David Plouffe’s absence and subsequent reemergence on Team Obama.  Well, he is now back and in action, emailing Team Obama’s followers.

While this graph, that Plouffe passes along, doesn’t exactly put food on the table if you are out of work, it does show a pretty stark representation of how the United State got to its current unemployment level.  This is a fairly old (though underused, and now smartly colored) graph–the real story could be Plouffe’s reemergence.


3 Responses

  1. i want to see the graph that shows total US Debt per child for both administrations, you know just for the sake of transparency and honesty, lest we all be hypnotized by Obama magic, where everyone gets free money and no one has to pay for anything.

  2. Per child or per person?

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