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The secret formula to attractiveness

Mathematically, its pretty simple, really.  And for the visual learners ex-genius shows it off in graph form along with the equation.


2 Responses

  1. i desperately wanted to leave a clever comment about this one, alas, i got nada.
    except maybe how “guys rate girls” should really read: looks x (intelligence + humor) / number of prescriptions for anti-psychotics in medicine cabinet.
    there. i did it. it wasn’t that clever tho. oh well.
    plus, for some guys, the psych meds could be seen as a bonus.
    im not a guy but i know it is for me…

    • 1/2 credit. If you had written it in Math Type I would have granted a full point.

      As you say, there are lots of fractional multipliers, such as annoying voice (1/2) or say a cool job with sports/concert tickets (10).

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