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Guy Flies Plane into IRS Building

Some guy flies plane into IRS building and leaves this note and some how it is posted already.

It leaves you wondering about the true (subconscious or otherwise) intent as relatively few are injured given what was written in the suicide note about a body count.  He also failed to hit the main IRS building in Austin.


7 Responses

  1. It is a little weird there is already color coded–and blacked out for curses–PDF of this posted.

    This guy was totally full of himself and his own BS.

  2. this is more than a little crazy

  3. and it ain’t your average type of crazy either.

  4. Someone in my office was trying to make the case this guy wasn’t crazy and he could see his point that he had a tough life. I said I disagreed, someone who had a tough life jumps in front of a train, they don’t set their house on fire with their family inside and then fly a plane into a building full of people who are just doing their jobs.

  5. still maintain he wasn’t crazy. he was pissed and worn out and had enough and did something crazy. he saw things that he believes are very wrong (and in some ways he’s right) and went all Howard Beale on everyone but instead of yelling on television he ruined a building and killed some people. Crazy decision, um yeah. Crazy person, no. normal people do crazy stuff all the time. Nazi Germany proves that. the Milgram/Zimbardo experiments prove that.
    Kate and I have something new to fight about 🙂

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