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How people got here

Now and again I’ll check out the stats for the site.  How many people visited, what sites referred them here, what links people are clicking on, etc.  Sometimes the most interesting feature is what people searched for to stumble upon this site.

Right after the plane crash post I happened to catch a glimpse of this:

So, at some point today, some person Googled “irs building band name”.  They wanted to name their band after something to do with today’s plane crash?


2 Responses

  1. I’m guessing they were looking for this info:

    “Until a few years ago, Stack played with the Billy Eli Band, a local Austin group. He told band members he left to spend more time at work at his software consulting business, Embedded Art.
    “He played bass in my band for a while and recorded one album with me,” said Billy Eli. “Joe was a friendly, happy, easygoing guy. This is so hard to get my mind around because Joe was so normal. This was so totally out of character.”
    Another band member, Jim Hemphill, said he saw Stack in the past six months and noticed no signs that he was distraught.

  2. Dude… this guy kept Austin a little too weird.

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