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How to Purchase Souvenirs While Traveling: Transient Travels

The secret is the same as being successful in sales (and life).  Be polite, ask questions, and listen–oh, and stay away from crowds.

From Transient Travels:

While in Costa Rica I found pretty necklaces that I brought back to some of my friends. Before purchasing them I asked the seller information about who made them and where they came from. It turns out his family made everything, except they aren’t from Costa Rica, they’re from Antigua, Guatemala. I’m not sure how often he travels to Costa Rica or if he has completely relocated. And I’m not sure if his travels, whether intermittent or permanent, are due to the fact that there may be more tourists in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica than in Antigua, Guatemala. I could have asked, but he was kind enough to humor me in Spanish with all of that and I didn’t want to keep him from other customers.

Well, paint me uncultured–I didn’t realize there was an Antigua in Guatemala.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the post! There is actually another Antigua, which is the one most people tend to think of.

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