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Quick Links: 2.22.10

Back in action.  Thanks to Justin for the weekend wonk work.  You’ll figure out those hyperlinks one day!

Here’s some stuff we almost missed while we were gone.

1. Verb Vixen’s page tagged to Olympic Medal Updates is keeping me interested in the games beyond the US Hockey team for once…

2. Extremely disconcerting news from “Growing Pains” alumni. (Boner is missing!)

3. I’ll let these urls speak for themselves (thanks Krissy): http://pleaserobme.com/ and http://creepyanimals.com/

4. What do you do when NBC cancels “My Name is Earl?”  Apparently, if you’re Jamie Presley you make borderline awesome/creepy commercials about cleaning your balls for Axe body spray.

5. Uncyclopedia.

6. Math dances moves – my favorites are the Scatter Plot and the Box and Whisker Plot


3 Responses

  1. I just want the girl in the math video not to talk and go straight to the dancing. Also, why does she cut the sound. Some funky beats would make this Math dance go from 6 hits to 600,000k hits.

  2. […] 6k to 38k. Posted on February 24, 2010 by The Unqualified Economist I already posted a link to this here. […]

  3. you’re welcome for that boner link, bonerface. FIND BONER!

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