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Canadian Reaction after Olympic Hockey Loss to U.S.’eh

Ouch…By the way, Macaulay Culkin is Canadian? Stupid hosers…


9 Responses

  1. touche’ Canada

  2. If their healthcare is worth cheering for then why did their prime-minister come to the US for surgery? READ HERE

    Now that makes it a funny picture.

  3. kevin mcallister?!!? a canuck?!!?!? I KNEW IT

  4. HISTERICAL….This also makes me want to watch How I Met Your Mother!…Go USA

    • I thought that show is about Doogie Hauser getting chicks and Jason Segal being fat…what’s it got to do with US and Canadian Hockey? (You can tell I don’t watch, huh?)

  5. Tom, Robin is from Canada and is the BIGGEST hockey fan duh.

  6. As in Batman and…?

  7. no as in robin on HIMYM

  8. whoa, whoa, whoa…macaulay culkin is canadian? cite the source!

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