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Links: A better Roomba, creationism, and Mayo Clinic.

1. This is supposed to be better than a Roomba.

2. Really awesome stairs.

3.  Contrary to a ragin’ Mayo Doc, the Mayo Clinic is for healthcare reform.

4. Here is a well trafficked blog about creationism and science.  Can someone translate for me?

5. Here is an interesting article about getting your genes tested to see if you are predisposed to heart problems related to high caffeine intake.  Apparently, Peter Orzag drinks a lot of coffee.

6. This is the coolest thing I have seen in about 5 weeks.


3 Responses

  1. so we have a square roomba….um okay?

  2. Oh my God. This totally looks like one of Tyler’s random MR postings. You’re becoming one of them.

  3. No its WAY better than a roomba. It works either wet or dry you dont need two different ones. Also it works with any general brand cloths, like Swiffer. ITs also esepcially for hardwood floors.

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