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Racist abortion?

This  was something I had never thought about:

To Court Blacks, Foes of Abortion Make Racial Case

My biggest question/problem with the article are the numbers- so a disproportionate amount of black women are having abortions, in the same vein that a disproportionate amount of black men are in jail. Why are the numbers so skewed?

First, some background: I’ve taught in high schools in many countries.  In the United States I’ve taught students of extremely different backgrounds in a number of locales. 

Back to my questions: If you go into a primarily black, low-income neighborhood I think you are more likely to find a larger number of black girls with babies/pregnant than you would white pregnant girls/teen single mothers in low-income white neighborhoods. I concede that I may very well be wrong, though- does someone have a study to back up/disprove this opinion?

Ms. Davis traveled to black churches and colleges around the state, delivering the message that abortion is the primary tool in a decades-old conspiracy to kill off blacks….Black abortion opponents, who sometimes refer to abortions as “womb lynchings,” have mounted a sustained attack on the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, spurred by a sting operation by young white conservatives who taped Planned Parenthood employees welcoming donations specifically for aborting black children.

Why is this exceptionally awful? Planned Parenthood may have accepted a donation for black girls to get abortions, but does that necessarily mean that it’s a “womb lynching” operation? I’d guess that it’s more likely because there’s a higher risk of a young black girl not having the money for an abortion than a young white girl.

I haven’t conducted my own empirical studies, my lens was formed through my own travels and experience.   Maybe it is just my own biased showing, then? What do you think?


7 Responses

  1. Even if you have the studies (showing either way), your lens is still going to influence your interpetation….I think…

  2. This is definitely a tough/tricky topic. I don’t think a lot of people would normally think about this until they’re directly involved in it and by then THEIR lens/views will obviously be influenced by the situation…

  3. I think that there is alot of data missing in this evaluation. Who is making the donations for the abortions? Are they accepting donations solely for black abortions or do they also accept donations for white abortions? Have they ever refused a donation? What were the circumstances surrounding the donation–was it a response to a particular abortion?

    Overall, I think in theory its possible that it is racist, in practice it is more likely a result of variety of interwoven circumstances. I think in practice the social safety net in place is far more supportive of white single unwed mothers than black single unwed mothers, which could skew the data in favor of black abortions.
    This is just another inflamatory way to incite public opinion to change. Frankly, its a good PR attempt to sway the African American community to the prolife cause.

  4. There are many older women from that community who would not approve of abortions.  They raised their children alone.  The fear is the community is seeing abortion as an inexpensive way of correcting a problem.  The younger girls see what their mothers and grandmothers did, the double jobs to make ends meet, the numerous family issues with no money to resolve the problems so rather than repeat the cycle they opt for an abortion.  I want to believe the donation was made not with a racist
     motives , but with the thought that the cycle could end if given a second chance.  The new dilemma is abortion is being seen as a form of birth control not as a second chance on straightening out a life.

  5. wow, interesting find Dora

    I mean, are these people really arguing that there is a huge conspiracy by white people to get black women to abort their babies? really? you’re telling me that tens of thousands of black women aren’t getting abortions because they actually want to, for whatever their specific reasons, but because white people are tricking them into doing so or convincing them its in their best interest? unbelievable. by extension, these people are also implying that black women are so dumb that they could be duped that easily.

    I understand some people want babies to come into the world no matter what and maybe some of their motives are pure. but when you start making this stuff up to gain attention and followers, that’s when you’ve crossed into bat-shit crazy territory. these people are disgusting human beings. Shame on them.

  6. There’s definitely fringe people–but this is a doubly or even triply delicate topic, as they’re are multiple issues here the first of which is that you have to do your best not to sound too biased OR too naive. Dora you talk about your experiences, are these from growing up, from the students, from what?

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