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Not Your Grandparents Playground

Kids always get everything. Playgrounds, student discounts, free candy at the doctors. This we all know well.  I mean, my niece had to take two naps in between opening all her Christmas presents.  I got some socks and some books, which haven’t yet induced a nap. In London, they’ve decided seniors need playgrounds (and presumably post playground naps).

This is an interesting idea:

“Every park has a children’s playground, very few have playgrounds for adults, and none have playgrounds for the elderly,” said Madeline Elsdon, whose local residents’ association has won funding for the playground, which is planned for London’s popular Hyde Park.

“We wanted something that would be of long-term benefit to people, so we came up with this idea for an older person’s playground.”

That last part of the quote is confusing — long term benefit? How long are their seniors living??

“In the long run, we’re all dead,” never seemed so applicable to playground equipment…


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  1. dear god what is that machine/play toy they are using???

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