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Solar Trash Compactors

In Philadelphia this weekend we came across these “Big Belly” Solar Compacting garbage cans. I think there are recycling ones, too.  But I was in a mild food coma from eating so much pastrami at the Reading Terminal Market I can’t really remember.

The gist is that these “Big Belly” bins can hold up to 5 times the amount of trash that a regular garbage bin can hold (and thus needs to be emptied 5 times less than a normal can). The trash is compacting inside and run on the solar power from the top of the bin.

Here’s the company website and marketing video.   It would seem to be a great idea to have these installed all over both in urban and say one a household in the ‘burbs…if they actually work.


6 Responses

  1. If these were this awesome you would think 1. They would be offering them in full industrial dumpster size so that office complexes would buy them. 2. A traditionally more innovative/greener institution (ie Google, San Fransisco, etc) would be trying them before Philly–but WTG Philly…3.Michael Nutter–given his outspoken nature–wold be more than simply lending a quote for their homepage, he’d be jumping up and down trying to gain acknowldgment outside of Philly.

  2. It seems like if these things work someone is about to make a lot of money. Does anything like this exist already?

  3. Also seems like this could be mistaken somewhat for mail boxes, now that would be a big mistake to make either way. Although these are cool, wish we had these at the school i work at.

    • They do actually open very similar to mailboxes functionality wise. However, I really doubt you could mistake them. And if you’re in a state where you could, you probably shouldn’t be mailing…or driving.

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