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Thanks and some links

Dora and Justin: thank you both for the fun, and engaging thoughts over the weekend!

1. In the internet age, can you find untainted jurors?

2. Bars serves as classroom for immigrants, how American.

3. An interesting question on the Facebook feed: If Newman’s Own gives all it’s profits to charity, and I eat nothing but Newman’s Own food, can I write off all my groceries as a charitable donation?

4.Why the hell can’t you open PDFs with Google Chrome? Here’s the answer and it is stupid.


4 Responses

  1. I know what I will be putting on my salad in the future!

  2. Thank you for the Chrome link- that has been KILLING me at work haha

  3. It is a little disappointing it is taking Google so long to address product’s issue given it works fine on the wonky IE (and Safari and FireFox). They claim the fix can be made with Adobe etc but really, they need to fix this, not the users.

    On another note I am eating Newman’s popcorn right now.

  4. @lndsay is it any good?

    @dora what do you do that you use Pdfs??

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