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Babies in Bars: Another Reason to Hate Hipsters

Look at that baby’s face below.  She WANTS you to slug her idiot “dad”.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  The strict smoking bans are great in that special occasions can once again be held at bars etc without leaving the kids at home (or bringing them and feeling guilty).

Caitlin the former waitress says,

As someone who waitressed in a family restaurant, I can attest that it would annoy me to no end to see kids in bars late at night. Not only because of the traffic issues that some mention or the extra noise and MESS, but because I don’t think it’s fair to bring babies into these types of environments!

That’s Matt Gross from…surprise!…Brooklyn.  Despite the fact they are in San Fransisco here, this doesn’t seem to raise  daughter Sasha’s spirits.  Only gross Gross is raising spirits here…Read more about idiots here.


8 Responses

  1. Well from what I hear is babies are the new Hipster accessory

  2. Dude, you are crazy. That guy in that picture is my idol! (except for him, you know, being a hipster) No one is advocating bringing babies to bars with bumping club music or beer pong tables. The notion, however, that single or stay-at-home parents shouldn’t be able to socialize in these settings because of their children is outrageous. You can’t smoke in bars, so you are not exposing your baby to secondhand smoke (which means its probably a better environment then half of the houses these hispter babies are growing up in). Its like the mall or the park, only its a bar. I can’t wait to be a single or stay-at-home dad and bring my super awesome kid with me to get a drink with friends on our way to the zoo.

  3. I’m with Tom on this one. Urge to kill…rising…

  4. is that baby wearing a vest? hipster-in-training! you have to admit that she’s pretty effing adorable, though. i’d do shots with her.

    • Hipsters’ basic goal is to feign feeling as comfortable as possible while making you feel as angry/uncomfortable as possible. When you see a guy with white sunglasses, a beard bigger than a terrorist with a bald head and a white belt, he’s really just telling you, “I’m uncomfortable without all of this ridiculousness to hide under.” It is only natural they would 1. bring their babies into an otherwise adult atmosphere and further agitate and alienate those there and 2. turn to booze to ease their pain.

      Dave, I don’t think you’re talking about this hipster trend-that just sounds like alcoholism. Just kidding…the point is you would be on the way to the zoo, you’re not out at a bar at 10pm with the kid.

  5. If you look closely, you’ll see that there are tears streaming down her face. Dramatic use of cliche’ intended.

  6. […] 4. Babies in Bars: Another Reason to Hate Hipsters […]

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