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Carnage, Sex, and a Dream Sandwich

1. Which one of these is a more unbelievable story, the first one (carnage) or the second one (sex)?

2. Did you know that in some Orthodox synagogues in Israel some men still say a morning prayer thanking God for not making them women? Personally, I only give thanks when I hear child birth described.

3. Tweet from one-man-party-machine AndrewWK:

DREAM SANDWICH: Grilled cheese on sourdough, with extra-sharp Cheddar, pepperoni, fresh sliced jalapeno, & cracked black pepper.

Do we not have the technology to make this dream come true? Can we get the man some cracked black pepper?


One Response

  1. My dream sandwich is roasted chicken with mayo, spicy fries stuffed inside, sweet AND hot peppers, and has to be some bacon and iceberg lettttuce

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