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Dora’s Epiphany:Life in Cartoon Motion

Have you ever had one of those moments where you’re on a long drive, thinking about life, and the right song comes on-and-BAM, you have an epiphany?

That happened to me today.

The epiphany wasn’t important,  it just led me to drive an extra 20 minutes just to finish listening to the album and confirm the conclusion I had come to while driving into the sunset–which sounds more romantic than it really was… the sun can really wear your eyes out!

People report seeing their lives flash before their eyes in times of stress.  Driving in the sun in a moment that was both simple and complex, vacuous yet complete, I heard my life play out in my ears.

What I was hearing was “Life In Cartoon Motion”by Mika, hence forth known as LICM. I like the record because it was put out by Island Records, which has many unexpectedly diverse artists. Toni Braxton, Bon Jovi, Tori Amos, and P. J. Harvey to name a few.

LICM’s first single, “Grace Kelly,” is AWESOME. Seriously. I was once in a cab where the driver was flipping through the stations and he stopped as soon as he heard that one. I’ve never shared a dance with a cab driver from the backseat (or the front seat for that matter)!

The songs on LICM run the gambit– “Grace Kelly” is about getting a record deal, “Billy Brown” is about a family man who falls in love with another man, “Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)” is about, well, ‘big girls’ and their self esteem, “Erase” is about a breakup, and “Love Today,” well who knows what the hell that’s about, but it’s FUN!

LICM has a couple slow ballads, but it’s generally a pretty upbeat and realistic record. And there was my epiphany: what I wanted my life to be like. There will be low, slow, periods in life sure–BUT the rest of it should be lived up and enjoyed. Take the good with the bad, fight for love, honor, redemption, and live OUT LOUD.

And remember to keep your shoelaces tied when you’re dancing…or better yet, go barefoot.


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  1. grace kelly is a great song.

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