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Ask a doctor, seriously.

Everyone has a question they really want to ask a doctor (after their third martini), or so goes the book Why Do Men Have Nipples?

With that in mind, our good friend Dr. Mike of Pittsburgh has volunteered to take your questions, medical or otherwise, and do his best to answer them.  Post questions in the comments or to submit anonymously, shoot an email to TheUnqualifiedEconomist@gmail.com

First question: what is one thing you are constantly dealing with that you had no idea you would be seeing when you first got into medicine?


4 Responses

  1. Question 1: Why are you in pittsburgh when I need you here to give my a back adjustment?

    Question 2: What was your best moment as a doctor? Describe it in detail using no less than 5 adjectives.

    Question 3: What is your specialty and why?

    Questioin 4: what is you life plan after pittsburgh?

    Question 5: What is your least healthy habit?

  2. One of my closest friends is a lawyer, and she has expressed a complete distaste for most lawyer movies and shows because they are nothing like her life. Likewise, my Navy boyfriend scoffs at most military movies because, he says, so many things are portrayed wrong or inconsistent. So that’s my question to you: when you watch movies or shows about doctors, do you think, “This is a load of horseshit. This is NOTHING like what it’s like to be a doctor!” What show/movie is the least consistent with a real doctor’s job/lifestyle? What show/movie is the most consistent?

  3. I don’t know how old you are but I was curious if there is an age (or any other description) break down in doctors who are for and against the current reform. Are you all up on it, or are you so busy (in a good way) being doctors, you don’t have time to follow it? Aside from tort reform, what is one basic improvement to the medical school or medical industry that could be improved (in or out of the bill) in your opinion?

  4. 1 has a patient ever hit on you or visa versa

    2 is it bad to pop a pimple if you disinfect it

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