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Bourbon bacon burger and the blog to read afterwards

1. The best (bourbon soaked bacon beast) burger I have ever seen and not yet eaten, though that will soon change, possibly tomorrow…vote for it if your arteries haven’t completely hardened by the end of the video.

2. I need to start writing about Daily Show guests a few days in advance of their appearances.  Coincidentally, I wrote about Harry Markopolos (the Nobody Would Listen guy who wrote about investigating Bernie Madoff) last week.  When Harry was on the DS a few nights later the Google searches directed to me jumped, thanks Harry.  Next time, just get someone to listen to you.

3.  Do you know someone who runs?  Maybe, you’ve been chased, or maybe you one time saw the Seinfeld episode where Jerry let the marathoner oversleep?  Well, then you’ve probably pondered the greatest mystery in sports: Where the hell is everybody running to? My favorite new blog 26.1 to go attempts to figure this out.  Send along to any and all serious and not so serious runners, or really anyone with a sense of humor.

4. If the guy from Memento had one of these memory boxes he wouldn’t have had to write all over his hands and arms.

5. Would you like to use Facebook in Türkçe? Facebook is available in 75 languages. Click here to switch to Türkçe.

No, Facebook, I am good, thank you.


2 Responses

  1. Dude. Dude. Dude.

    I think my cholesterol went up 100 points just watching that, and it was worth it.

  2. that burger is a good excuse to go buy a bottle of makers if i ever ever heard one.

    i dont know where the hell everyone is running too, i was thinking the same thing. slow down everybody. also a rule, anytime you put penguins in human like sports gear, its funny

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