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Give it away, give it away, give it away now

1. This app shows where people giving stuff away are, inevitably this will get creepy.

2. This website shares things people are willing to do for $5.

Reussir-son-blog1I will write 50 differents comments of at least 10 words by comment on 50 different posts on your blog or website. ( it could be done each time you will post a new post).

Why does this sentence’s structure confuse me so much?

3. A frequent traveler’s thoughts on flying.

4. Since we mentioned Lohan vs eTrade here, here’s the Onion’s man on the street reaction:

Chuck AndersonStore Manager “That’s the baby who has the out-of-control pet beaver, right?

Scott HolfieldUnemployed, “That wasn’t about Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay Lohan suffers from ALCO-holism.”

Elizabeth CoslawAdvertising Agent, “Man, if she overreacts that badly, I definitely won’t be releasing my commercial featuring an anorexic fame-hungry sometimes-lesbian who tries on clothes at Barneys.”


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  1. way to steal my fiverr post.

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