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Too fat to be fit (to be a parent)?

I was born and raised in a New Jersey suburb called Old Bridge.   Nothing noteworthy ever happens here.

And then I heard about this sick woman from Old Bridge on the radio this morning:

NJ woman attempting to become world’s fattest lady

This woman is not suffering from the inability to curtail an unhealthy lifestyle.  She is actively attempting  to become the Guinness record holder for most obese woman.  She already holds the record for being the most obese woman to give birth.

While the immediate reaction of the mass media is to make a quirky story out of this, a deeper issue is left untouched.

Remember when everyone had an opinion about whether the balloon boy’s mom and dad were fit to be parents?  Don’t get wrong–they are bat shit crazy too–but the father didn’t actually put his boy in the balloon!  Let me say again, while stupid (and incredibly wasteful of taxpayer money), his child was never in any sort of danger!

This woman makes the octomom look like June Cleaver.

Yes, we live in America–personal liberties and freedom from oppression, rah rah rah.

But when someone is a drug addict and can’t take care of their kids because of that addiction, social workers come and remove the child from the house.

This woman claims she is not suffering from an addiction, she is actively trying to reach the weight of 1000 pounds.  She is intentionally pursuing a lifestlyle that has left her unable to even walk.  It would seem that would mean she is not fit to raise a healthy child.  Literally, she can’t raise her child because she has chosen–and continues to choose–a lifestyle that has left her unfit, literally.


3 Responses

  1. Vomit. and her husband is the enabler. When this woman is bedridden and her heart gives out at 45, I hope he has a very nice time explaining to his kid why they don’t have a mommy anymore because daddy was a belly man…

  2. I can’t imagine the kin of confused household that child is being brought up in where guinness records are put over health, or she actually thinks 600 pounds is healthy and self worth the article says something about a website where people pay to watch her eat. Disturbing. Not that I support it but I would think that most women would prefer a man who watches the occasional Porno then web cam of some huge woman eating IMHO

  3. You have got to be effn kiddin me

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