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Hopeful signs for employment from left field

From Business Insider’s Clusterstock Chart of the Day:

If I had read the whole thing I would probably know why it looks like gas and electricity were invented in 1972…


3 Responses

  1. I sees few clear spots that seem to mirror pretty close but in general it jus looks like an upward slanting slope. I wonder how it would look if you replaced gas/electricity with almost anything with a similar trend…TVs per house hold etc?

  2. This is pure nonsense.

    The blue line doesn’t graph employment, but the number of workers. This simply goes up right along with population growth and has nothing to do with the economy.

    Also, when more people exist, those people use more energy.

    This pretty correlation is nothing more than a duel effect of a single cause: the fact that the population grows over time (who knew!?)

    • I never took the time to read this after I threw (yuck, yuck) it up. Too funny…

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