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Ron Paul, Economics PhD

My favorite part is when Ron Paul gets snarky with John Taylor about the Taylor rule.

To his credit (as a human and a professor) Taylor explains it to him when he should have said “Hey, it is a rule, not a law.  My rule of thumb is don’t talk to Ron Paul, but hey, I’ve broken that rule today.  And by the way, we’re just here to help and had no hand in setting policy — um, unlike you — so why are you giving us the inquisition, shouldn’t this be the other way around?

It is also pretty funny that Paul’s camp posted this and seems to think it was some sort of “victory”.


One Response

  1. Wasn’t Ron Paul in office when the whole recession happened? Why is he lecturing professors who weren’t in policy making roles, and more importantly why are they even putting up with him? Der.

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