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Quick Links and Pictures

1. A Japanese video game where the point is to sexually harass and rape victims.   It was bound to happen.  There was just a Law & Order episode where a minor who raped victims claimed the defense that he learned the behavior from a Japanese comic hero Rape Man.  Vomit.

2. The rich are spending again…for proof see the $25,000 cupcake.

3. Below the jump: pictures of the MLS Chicago Fire’s fan section at the Red Bulls game, literally on fire, a bus drivin’ student driver and a soccer ball birthday cake.


4 Responses

  1. So the Japanese are totally ok with the game?? And the Chicago Fire thing, I can’t decide if that’s totally awesome or totally frightening.

    Also WTF NJ, student driver??

  2. 1. I want to say something deep and profound about that video game….but I’m just speechless. Crazy Japan!

    2. Who made that wonderful cake?! haha

    3. It’s odd to me that the Chicago Fire (and other local Chicago teams) would name themselves after what was really a pretty tragic event (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Chicago_Fire).

    • I was thinking [all] that too–the conclusion I reacher on the Fire is that it happened so long ago it’s part of the city and they’re trying to own it rather than be owned by it. Or it is the MLS and who knows the hell they do anything that they do…

  3. I think the Chicago Fire name is more a symbol of rebirth. It shows the city can go down in flames but still rise again and become greater than it was before. It’s not a bad metaphor for a soccer team that loses.

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