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Is Christina Aguilera a robot?

Dora thinks that she is.

Specifically, what was Christina’s Aguilera’s motivation for “Not Myself Tonight” (which premiered last week)?

The new Aguilera tune sounds like the Britney songs “Gimme More” and “Get Naked” had a little too much late night bubbly and made a robotic love child.

Like Madonna before her, Aguilera loves to reinvent herself. The cover of the new album, Bionic, takes the “reinventing” to  an uncomfortable iRobot meets Stepford Wife extreme (album cover here). With Madonna you know it is usually about sex. Will people find robots sexy?

Aguilera was Gaga-ing  when Gaga was actually goo-goo-ga-ga-ing, all without relying on odd headgear (remember these stunning looks?)  The industry was introduced to Aguilera in a shticky bottle but she stuck around singing her lungs out and using her lyrics as more than silly come ons.  Okay, there were some silly come ons, but Dirrty was a hot beat!

Stripped was a great album because it was more believable that X-Tina might be hanging out in that post apocalyptic hip hop dirty dance word with Redman then it is that Katy Perry might actually have kissed a girl (let alone having liked it…)

“Back to Basics” may not have been her most daring album, but it still felt like it was written about real love and happy. Maybe the process felt robotic and that’s why the new album is called Bionic. In summary: the cover is new but the original son is not (irony?).  Waiting anxiously for the rest of the album in June…


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