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Google is good, TV spelling is bad, Westboro is disgusting, Andrew WK is bananas.

1. Why do I want to live in Topeka? ‘Suicide’ Query Prompts Google to Offer Hotline

2. Anyone notice that none of the television news coverage of the iPad last weekend could manage to spell it properly (thing i-pad, IPAD, ipad,I-pad, I-PAD, I-Pad) yet I can seem to find a single instance of it being spelled wrong online?!

3.The Westboro Baptist Church thinks that than 9 out of 10 Americans are “fags”.  And by “fags” they mean everyone who admits to having sex outside of marriage.  It is unfortunate that they’ve yet to learn that God doesn’t “hate” anyone…but I would imagine God strongly disapproves of wackjob churches protesting dead soldiers’ funerals.

4. Andrew WK tweets: “If you eat a banana today, please tell me. I want to start keeping track!”


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