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Will iPad cripple AT&T? 300,000 reasons it may.

The New York Times bits blog reports:

Currently, Apple is only selling iPads that connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi. The company plans to sell costlier iPads with cellular data connections later this month.

Supposedly, Apple has worked wonders to make its iPhones work better with AT&T’s network.

But if you’ve made 20 calls in the past two weeks, you likely had at least five never go through or eventually drop.

Apple reportedly sold 300,000 wi-fi only iPads this past weekend.  What will the numbers be for the AT&T networked iPads soon to be on the market? Likely it’ll be enough that all AT&T users will feel the information squeeze.  That won’t won’t be a good thing for AT&T with Forbes’ Alexandra Zendrian reporting that Verizon likely to have their iPhone soon

Remember where you read it: “iPads will cripple AT&T”…


One Response

  1. as i was reading through i’m thinking ‘this is some expose shit!’ maybe it’s evil but i really hope you’re right about this.

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