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Limping Latex Bandit

Yep, that was the headline after a man robbed a bank in Denver.

For some reason, the article does not mention  how this guy robs banks.  Possibly a bottle of soap is involved, based on the prominence within the photo.

Attention people of Denver:

if you are in a bank and see a man with a limp wearing rubber gloves, he is about to rob the bank.  He is armed (with a bottle of soap) and considered extremely sanitary.


One Response

  1. Well, I thought this was going in a different direction. It seems like CSI Denver needs to test the latex residue, find out where all the local places are from which to purchase said brand. If they’re medical grade, check all hospitals and doctors office for someone with a limp.

    Or maybe he’s just Keyser Soze-ing the Denver police.

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