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A wrinkle in time

A really cool–albeit not entirely original– project to capture a moment in time on film around the world.


5 Responses

  1. This is a neat idea. I wonder how many people will actually do it,as in will people be getting in each others “shots” .

  2. Joey and I have been planning a super awesome location to try and get some shots in for a few days now. Other suggestions are appreciated!

    • A window in a tall building? The top of whatever the road is that intersects Kearny Ave that gives the view of the NYC skyline? Don’t know where you’ll be but what about a street vendor nearby the White House?

  3. The ocean? Your place of business? A train/bus stop. Your local grocery checkout? Where ever you would normally be at that time…dressed up?

    Like any of these??

  4. @ dora how about a picture of your friend taking a picture and he would be taking a picture of someone else taking a pictture and so on like a 2d version of the barber shop mirror effect? Or a picture of something that would let those looking at it figure out what time it was bit not a clock?

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