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The Pope reads this blog!

Okay, maybe not.  And he didn’t exactly put a nun in charge — but still this is a great common sense first step.  Sure, it is long overdue but you have to start somewhere.  OH, here’s what I’m talking about

“…the Vatican for the first time issued guidelines telling bishops they should report cases of abusive priests to police where civil laws require it.”

Here’s my original post that advised that the church just turn all evidence over to the civil authorities–along with my suggestions (and other folks too) on how the Catholic Church can overcome its current set of obstacles as an institution


3 Responses

  1. Clearly, you got a direct line to the Pope. Good job!

  2. I don’t get why this wasn’t happening all along. If a parish member came and told his diocese that he is pretty sure one of the parish priests is killing people, would they just reassign him? At what “level” of crime did the Church think it was okay for it to police on it’s own and at what point do they call the cops?

  3. i see two problems here. 1 the old Churchs inability to see this as a crime and not a personality flaw. 2 who were all these people notifying their bishops and not the police? if my kid told me father so and so was doingsomehing like that, after I pay him a visit myself, I’m calling the police not the bishop…

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