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Dreamed a dream…about a V curve

Ever hear the story about Keith Richards waking up in the middle of the night strumming the chords that would become, “Satisfaction” and then going back to sleep forgetting that he had written it until later?

I feel like I have have similar revelations all the time but then I go back to sleep and wake up and can’t remember them. Last night, however, was different.

I dreamed that I was giving toys to needy kids at an orphanage. Initially, they were all psyched to get a gift.  But then, one by one they all started to expect the same wrapped gift, until finally I got to one little guy and his level of enthusiasm had so plummeted that he turned away and held his hand out.  I was so pissed about this that I said, “fine you don’t get anything!” The kid suddenly broke into tears and I realized, whoa you can’t yell at orphans! So then I gave him my TV (that for some reason was with me).  His eyes lit up and he began running around the orphanage screaming like a maniac.

I remember dreaming/thinking, wow, the cause and effects are absolutely not related or analogous, but that kid’s emotions very much mirrored a V shaped recession.  Apparently, I reached for my iPhone and emailed myself, “dspted kdi like v shaped rcessin.”

Everyone can go ahead and refute my sleepy observation.  It may be the least correct analogy of all time.  But, what I thought was interesting, was my ability to email in my sleep.  Kind of scary.  Anyone else have any “sleep” habits like that?

Also, I don’t need anyone to tell me what this means.  It means I need to stop working so late and then watching television late into the night when I finally do make it home.  I think.


2 Responses

  1. dude you need more sleep.

  2. I get it. I was totally have dreams about textbook adoptions when I was stressed about certain situations like Seton Hall and Bergen.

    I have texted in my sleep, like to other people not myself. I apparently occassionally talk in my sleep, particularly if I am running a fever. And I have definitely had full on conversations in my sleep on the phone that I don’t remember occuring.

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