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Not gay enough for softball

Three bisexual men from the San Francisco area have filed a lawsuit claiming they were discriminated against during the Gay Softball World Series in the Seattle area two years ago.

The Seattle Times reports that the men filed the case Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Seattle against the softball tournament’s organizer, the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance. It alleges that after another team complained, the alliance ruled the three men were “nongay,” and took away the team’s second-place finish.”

Seriously, North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance?  “Nongay”?  Are you trying to get them to reenact the tacky courtroom scene from I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry?

Isn’t this like reverse don’t ask, don’t tell? Those gays are always keepin’ the ‘nongays’ down…


One Response

  1. if you play a whole season on a gay softball team they should make you an honorary gay because that’s definitely what your going to hear if any of your teammates on your typical beer league softball team find out…

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