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Twitter, A Creeper, CNET on Foursquare, Green Day

  1. Follow us on Twitter @UnqualifiedEcon
  2. I’m not advocating this site, I just can’t believe it exists already with such seemingly professional work.  http://rapelisberger.com/
  3. CNET on FourSquare’s prospects for catching on outside big cities.
  4. Green Day’s American Idiot opened on Broadway.  I figured that the “serious” (sorry my pretentious font isn’t working) would hammer this thing regardlessly looking down their collective noses. Surprisingly, the Times review doesn’t seem to mention a single negative…
  5. Food Network must have read TUE and realized all of their remaining program is beat or simply out done by other networks big and small.  Here’s their edgier spin-off effort, cleverly named “The Cooking Channel“.
  6. The most bad-ass business headline you are going to read:

Morgan Stanley: Mack The Knife Meets Mr. Smooth


6 Responses

  1. I read a far more scathing-and possibly more accurate-review of American Idiot yesterday in AMNY. It’s not online, though, so I’ll do my best to sum it up: The actors do a great job despite the crappy, vapid plot they’re given. Maybe it’s because I’m biased against Green Day (I stopped being a fan circa 1995), but I have less than zero desire to see this show.

    On another note, you can now watch the entire Kurt and Courtney documentary (directed by Nick Broomfield) here: http://www.snagfilms.com/films/title/kurt_and_courtney/

  2. I love the Rothliesberger site. i know there is a lot of he-said she said, but the guy can’t be anything other than a total douchebag.

    the video tape from that night mysteriously disappeared? the two “police” – who should be fired immediately from their real jobs – that physically prevented the accuser’s friends from checking on her should be behind bars. The whole thing stinks

    i hope he gets what he deserves in life eventually.

  3. I saw American Idiot on Broadway last night. I went in prepared to HATE it (Broadway-ized versions of Green Day music? Puh-leeze), but really, REALLY liked it.

    True there was all but no plot and it took me almost an hour to figure out what the common thread even was. And I thought John Gallagher Jr.’s two “co-stars” were just not very good. BUT:

    Much of the music played surprisingly well, and if I wasn’t a fan of the original album would likely have thought it all pretty great, a la Passing Strange.

    The staging was PHENOMENAL. The energy was palpable.

    Mr. Gallagher was great. Tony Vincent (St. Jimmy) was, too. And the surprise encore (not a surprise in itself, but the blues riff that one of the supporting players unloaded was SOMETHING) just left everyone smiling.

    It was great, actually. Recommended highly.

    By the way: read this for my spin on the business issues that seeing this show made occur to me. (How’s THAT for a twist?)… http://answerguy.com/2010/04/30/dont-be-an-american-idiot-two-examples-of-business-change/

    • Thanks for the review–I do think he concept is interesting, I’m glad it appears to be doing well enough that it might proidence oppurtunities for other acts. Think the Clash or Morrissey meets Broadway. The idea is off putting initially but if putting a Clash album gets my “square” parents to know Clash songs that’s betterthan none at all. What I really want to see is OK Go! meets Circus Soliel.

  4. […] and Answer Guy, Jeff Yablon.  Check out his whole review of American Idiot in the comments here and on his site where he goes further in detail on Foursquare’s shortcomings and American […]

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