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Adderall in academia

Did anyone else think it was weird when high stakes poker player Brandon Adams was interviewed on 60 Minutes about Adderall in academa and they only described him as an instructor of economics at Harvard (where he is still earning his PhD) and didn’t mention the poker?

A quick web search pops this clip (with the complete caption below)…

CBS — April 25, 2010 — Brandon Adams teaches at Harvard, plays high stakes poker and recently published a book. He says he uses Adderall when writing, but not when playing poker. Still, he tells Katie Couric he sees a lot of Adderall use at the poker table.


4 Responses

  1. Theoretically, he should be my idol. But he just annoys me so much. I would like to know about how many professors (not PhD students) use Adderall regularly. I wouldn’t imagine it’s as common as he makes it out to be.

  2. Has Harvard commentedon this?

  3. @dan agreed.

    I think colleges would be horrified if they knew how widespread Adderall is in undergrad, and probably in graduate school too. I doubt many full fledged professors who arent also high stakes poker players. Did the full report say how Adams got the Adderall?

    @becca, haven’t heard but I can’t imagine they’re pysched as this sends a mixed message to current and prospective students–though as Dan noted, some will probably think it’s “cool”.

  4. Dorian, wouldn’t you say that Adderall is a safer alternative for those who would use something stronger than Starbucks?

    Forget Harvard, I wonder how his peers felt about the piece.

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