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Boobquake, Blogs about jobs, video game regulations, and you!

1. MR on Blogs about different jobs (for a different take but similar notion, check Ex-Genius…think Apple).

2. From USA Today, should the government regulate video games? In so much as they regulate R-rated movies.  Other than that, no.

3. Michael Foley’s top 10 absurd classics — I can not for the life of me remember who sent this to me.  Likely, I cherry picked it from MR or VV.

4. Hey, the fan page has 302 fans, awesome, not bad growth for one week.

5. Boobquake. Turns out boobs ’cause earthquakes.  Or so says some cleric from Iran.


2 Responses

  1. The blogs about other jobs is fascinating. Most take a
    either a clinical, cynical, or humorous approach. This could be dangerously helpful for those imagining a career and for writers doing research.

  2. The fan page is only on Facebook…

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