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Megan forgave him…I think.

The guy who spent his Friday afternoon as a one-sided sandwich also spent Tuesday afternoon as such, but this time accompanied by the infamous Megan.

Apparently, she was verbally abusive as well. I snapped this picture while they were laughing together at something (a passerby who I believe told them to “come back”). Then I walked up to them myself to try to get information on their odd predicament.

Me: “So…you guys were verbally abusive to each other?”
Megan (reluctantly, but politely): “Yeah. Well, we got into an argument, and he said some things, and I said some things. He got my attention with his sign last week and I realized I owed him an apology too.”
Jeff (also reluctant, speaking over Megan halfway through her sentence): “Yeah. It was both our faults.”
Me: “Did you forgive each other?”
Jeff (looking serious): “Er, yes. Yes.”
Megan (looking at Jeff, and being reluctant to explain again): “We’re working on forgiving.”
Me: “I’m glad to hear that. Good luck!”
Both of them (with huge smiles): “Thank you!”

Megan looks like she fell out of art improv group.  I’m not sure why she needed to specify it wasn’t a hoax and the extra writing seems to not be so well thought out? Personal experiment in human psychology?

My guess is that they disappear within a week or this turns out to be a gorilla marketing tatic for something,

Then again, maybe they’re just trying to see how many New Yorkers are so immune to wackos on the street that they just keep on walking.

(Day 1, written about here and the picture again for your reference)


4 Responses

  1. So strange. I kind of feel like if this isn’t a hoax that they may be oddly perfect for each other.

  2. I’m firmly in the “it must be improv” camp now. If she had half the sense of humor she’s now exhibiting, he wouldn’t have had to stand out there with a sign in the first place.

  3. If it isn’t a “hoax” are they just gluttons for self indulgent negative attention. Wouldn’t talking be a more productive means of working on forgiving–although that is supposedly what got them in trouble.

    On another note, she looks like an improv archetypal gal hands down. He doesn’t really, but what’s with his clothes. Nice shirt tie jacket with khakisand black sneakers? Is that an Under Armor hat?

  4. I thought it was a crew hat!

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